The Surprising Uses of Conic Sections Conic sections – the curves made by slicing through cones at various angles – were studied by the ancient Greeks, but because of their useful properties, have many real-world uses. Planets have elliptical orbits, projectiles move in parabolas, and cooling towers have hyperbolic cross-sections. But did you know that one of the most […]

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Planetary Universe

Professor Katherine Blundell OBE How can new worlds be discovered, and how many exo-planets might be out there? What does today’s technology in astronomical observatories now enable, and what is it that holds us back from finding what is actually out there? What hinders us from pushing forwards the frontiers of space science? This […]

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Magnetic Universe

Professor Katherine Blundell OBE Professor Blundell was appointed Gresham Professor of Astronomy in 2019. She is a Professor of Astrophysics at Oxford University and a Research Fellow at St John’s College. Before this she was one of the Royal Society’s University Research Fellows, a Research Fellow of the 1851 Royal […]

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The Evolution of Cancer Therapy

Professor Eleanor Stride Eleanor Stride, OBE, FREng is the Statutory Professor of Biomaterials in the Departments of Engineering Science and the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences. She specialises in the fabrication of nano and microscale devices for targeted drug delivery. She obtained her BEng and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UCL where […]

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The Broken Cosmic Distance Ladder

Professor Roberto Trotta Roberto Trotta is Visiting Gresham Professor of Cosmology and Professor of Astrostatistics at Imperial College London, currently on leave of absence to the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, where he is part of the senior leadership team establishing a new Data Science Institute. His research […]

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Structures in the Universe

Professor Katherine Blundell OBE Katherine Mary Blundell OBE is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford and a supernumerary research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford How did the cosmos transition into space characterised by galaxies in a plethora of different shapes of great beauty? This lecture considered […]

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