Tour of the Boulby mine Boulby Underground Laboratory is the UK’s deep underground science facility located 1.1km below ground in Boulby mine, a working potash, polyhalite and salt mine in the North East of England. Boulby is a special place for science, enabling a wide range of studies requiring access to the geologically interesti​ng and ultra-low […]

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Crystals and the search for life

Professor Aaron Celestian Adjunct Asosciate Professor (Teaching) of Earth Sciences Contact Information E-mail: NHMLA Minerals Sciences (@nhmla_gems) • Instagram photos and videos (19) Aaron Celestian (@aaroncelestian) / Twitter (13) NHMLA_GEMS – YouTube Professor Celestian researches how minerals interact with their environments and with living things, and how those minerals can […]

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Dr Karl’s strange science

Australian author, radio and TV presenter Dr Karl Kruszelnicki came back to discuss some very strange science facts. In this talk, we discovered how Big Fossil Fuel successfully did a cover-up on Global Warming, how we’ve been making coffee the wrong way for fourteen centuries and the animal that grows a new anus every time […]

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Eyes in the sky: Spotting millimetre-scale movements from space

Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge Email: Biography Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge (MA, MEng). She then lived and worked internationally in design, construction and R&D roles within industry and international development, becoming a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng, MICE). Her roles in industry ranged […]

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