The last stargazers

Emily Levesque is a professor in the University of Washington’s astronomy department. Her research program is focused on improving our overall understanding of how massive stars evolve and die. Her first popular science book, The Last Stargazers, shares the tales and experiences of astronomical observing and comes out on August 4th, 2020! She has also […]

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The end of the universe

We know the universe had a beginning and physicists agree that one day it will end, but cosmologist Katie Mack is obsessed with how it will finish. Will our universe collapse in upon itself, rip itself apart, or even – in the next five minutes – succumb to an inescapable expanding bubble of doom? Drawing […]

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Optics for Fusion

by Institute of Physics: Oxford Centre Welcome to the crazy world of fusion optics… About this Event IOP Oxford Public Lecture: Optics for Fusion by Dr Alexandru Boboc from the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) Recorded on 22nd July 2020 This event was hosted as a Public Lecture by the Department of Physics at the […]

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Scattering atoms, electrons and perceptions

Talk by Dr Clara Barker Monday 20 July 2020 In this talk, Dr Barker provided an introduction to superconductors, their properties and main uses. She also discussed how her group produce thin film superconductors in the Centre for Applied Superconductivity as Oxford University, using pulsed laser deposition and magnetron sputtering. She […]

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What happened at the big bang?

9th June 2020 About the host Dr. Valerie Jamieson is creative director of New Scientist Events and hosts a programme of evening lectures, masterclasses and New Scientist Live. Previously she ran the New Scientist features desk and specialised in writing and editing features about the latest ideas in physics, astronomy and mathematics. She has a […]

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Covid-19 and me

If I am honest the infamous virus has had very little effect on me. I don’t have any relatives who are likely to be affected (my beloved mum passed away last year). I don’t have any underlying health conditions and my life has been basically what it has always been. The only minor inconveniences have […]

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