Year 8 students’ visit to the Science Museum

Year 8 students (mainly 8G) had fun when they visited the Science Museum on 21/11/12. They participated with innumerable hands-on activities in the various galleries. Satellites, space rockets, space shuttles, and a variety of transport modules for travelling to and back from the Moon were fascinating to see in the Exploring Space gallery.  They saw the iconic Apollo 10 command module that took three astronauts around the Moon. They enjoyed the Web Lab, looking at the Code Breakers and Alan Turing’s work, how science is developing strategies for less pain.  They saw Stevenson’s engine in the Making the Modern world gallery. The paperweight representing the contraceptive pill was interesting.  The ‘Who am I’ gallery was focussed on learning about one’s self. The flight gallery had numerous aircraft of various types. The changes in a medical theatre were seen in the ‘Glimpses of Medical History’ gallery. Various exhibits including a heart and lung machine, a pacemaker, models of the body and even a mummified cat caught the students’ interest. At the eye-catching Science museum shop students did some shopping for interesting scientific souvenirs.  All in all, it was an excellent out of school learning trip on an otherwise rainy day in London.


IMG_1021  IMG_1022

IMG_1023  IMG_1024

IMG_1025 IMG_1029

IMG_1030 IMG_1027

Dr Rathod

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