The geological record of climate change

Professor Christopher Jackson

The Earth is warming, and dangerously so. But is this unusual? Have there been times in the past when the Earth has been very hot or perhaps, very cold? And if so, what caused this, and what did these changes in climate mean for life on Earth? In this talk Professor Christopher Jackson looked at the geological record of climate change, and the implications this has for the Earth’s future climate and habitability.

Parts of this talk had to be removed due to copyright issues. To view the original lecture Chris refers to in this talk please visit:…


Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson (born 1977) is a British professor of sustainable geoscience at University of Manchester, UK having previously held the Equinor Chair of Basin Analysis at Imperial College, London. He is known for his work in geoscience, especially in the use of 3D seismic data to understand dynamic processes in sedimentary basins.

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