Rugby meeting 2012

Rugby meeting

The Annual Meeting for Teachers of Physics in Schools & Colleges

14 June 2012
Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV22 5DW

Each year the organising committee, working in co-operation with the education department of the Institute, organises a one-day meeting at Rugby School for teachers of physics in schools and colleges, and in teachers in training. Whilst most come from England and Wales, a few come from further afield and all are very welcome from independent and state schools and colleges alike.

A meeting notice with booking form goes out to schools from the Institute of Physics in the spring.

  • Up to 200 physicists attend each year. The main purpose of these meetings is to bring together physics teachers from both the state and the independent sectors to learn about the latest      developments in physics and physics education.
  • Each year there are keynote lectures given by leading research physicists and by physics education experts.
  • There are hands-on workshops where you can pick up new ideas and resources.
  • There are open discussions where you can make your own opinions known and see how others are dealing with the latest issues and changes.
  • There is the opportunity for exchanging news and information via poster displays.
  • The meeting also provides an opportunity for equipment suppliers, publishers and awarding bodies to demonstrate their new products.

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