Message from the blogger

I set up this blog at the start of 2012. The aim was for me to write up events that were carried out by staff and students within the science department of Rooks Heath College. This has included courses that I personally have attended that have been put on by the Institute of Physics and the Goldsmiths’ company.

I have always tried to ask permission about writing up articles for the blog from those who have given lectures or workshops and since the start of the year (2013) I have sent them the links to the blogs so that they can ask me to remove or amend anything in them.

I would like to make it clear that even though the blog is called Rooksheathscience I am the person responsible for uploading content so that if you feel there are things that should be removed or amended please contact me at

Please don’t contact the school.

I will endeavour to make the changes as soon as I can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have given the brilliant lectures, masterclasses and workshops that I, the staff or the students have attended over the last couple of years. I would also like to thank them for allowing me to write about them.

Helen Hare

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