Physics Update Course Summer 2013

DtC Summer School in Volos Greece, Summer 2013

(I have to confess I didn’t go on this but I’ve added it because it might be of interest to some of you for future years)


The DtC summer school was held in Volos, Greece (30/07/2013-04/08/2013)., validated by the equivalent National Agency and it was published in the Comenius-Grundtvig Training Database with the reference number “GR-2013-232-001”.

The initial description of the event can be found here:

The event title was “DISCOVER THE COSMOS: From Telescopes to Accelerators – Enhancing Science Education by Exploring Science’s Past, Present and Future “. The course generally aimed to cover the topics of inquiry based teaching with educational tools and applications from the fields of Astronomy and High Energy Physics.

The training course included presentations and practical sessions (workshops) on WWW and educational uses for teachers and history-of-science museums, archives, and science centres’ staff; the role and resources of museums, archives, and science centres; strategies for searching information online; introduction to the concept of learning objects; introduction to learning repositories; introduction to preparing, uploading and sharing learning resources; introduction to metadata, educational metadata, and metadata-based searching; presentation of popular social tools and scenarios for their use in the classroom; pedagogical strategies and best practices for using digital teaching & learning resources in the classroom; and hands-on session working on resources related to science (use of the Discover the COSMOS educational repository The educators were given the tools that will allow them to design educational pathways on digital content resources (i.e. specimens) from the collections of the museums and archives; they will be able to select an educational pathway of interest, and then navigating through digital specimens, either within the collection of a particular museum or through different collections of various museums.


Participation in this event was funded by the European Commission through the Comenius and Grundtvig programmes. Comenius sponsored a limited number of UK teachers to attend the event – details of eligibility and how to apply for future events at: All travel, accommodation and course fees etc were covered.

The deadline for applications was January 16th, 2013. Teachers/trainers/science museum educators from as many EU countries as possible were encouraged to participate.

There is a special site for this year’s summer school:


DtC 2013 information

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