Goldsmiths’ 2013

Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Doctoral Training Centre

Established in 2008, the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies brings together academic expertise from the University of Bath with international industrial, academic and stakeholder partners to carry out research, training and outreach in sustainable chemical technologies.

The Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemical Technologies places fundamental concepts of sustainability at the core of research, training and outreach in applied chemical sciences.

At least 12 fully-funded PhD places are available in the Centre each year until 2014.

The Integrated PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies is a 4-year research degree, split into two main parts:

Year 1 consists of two small research projects with different research groups within the centre, combined with training in technical aspects of Sustainable Chemical Technologies as well as transferrable skills and business and societal aspects of sustainability;

Years 2-4 focus primarily on the main PhD project, with some advanced training courses and a range of on-going supporting activities.

This is quite a unique method of carrying out a PhD in that students can gain research experience in different areas in the first year before they choose a project for their PhD.

As part of their course students have to carry outreach activities. This includes public engagement on the topic of sustainability.

The students give lectures such as “chemistry on the nanoscale” and activities such as the sustainability quiz and “I’m a scientist get me out of here”.

They carry out practical workshops with children such as making a solar cell.

They get involved with the Bristol Science Café.

They also get involved with “Bath Taps Into Science”

Other outreach activities include using biofuels (bioethanol) to power a car, making videos on various topics such as biofuels and making the banana piano.

This year (2013) they took part in the Cheltenham Science Festival.

If you click on the link below you can read about the people involved including the students. There is a little biography on each student including the project they are working on.

image  image

The above pictures show some of the activities carried out by the students.

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