Begbroke Nano Teachers’ Day

Begbroke Science Park

The day’s activities took place at Begbroke Science Park and they were brilliantly coordinated by Dr Vanessa Cheel and Dr Christiane Norenberg.


If you are an interested teacher they are running the course again in 2015:

5 March 2015 & 15 July 2015

I can thoroughly recommend this course whatever your specialism as there is something for biology, chemistry and physics teachers.

They also run classes for secondary school children of all ages including BTEC students.

Begbroke Science Park is a pioneering development for Oxford University, home to a number of research groups in the engineering, materials and life sciences as well as science-based business start-ups, university spin-outs and knowledge transfer activities.

Their mission is to create and sustain an environment in which interaction between industry and learning constantly produces new synergies, and to help entrepreneurs translate those synergies into innovations which meet today’s industrial challenges.

Interdisciplinary and applied research activity, its translation into products, access to facilities, and the close interaction of companies with academics, are the things that make Begbroke special.


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