February the 11th 2017

February 11th

If you read my last post you may have realised that my blog will not just be about physics now. Please don’t assume that this is because I am fed up with physics. This is absolutely not the case. You will find that most of my posts will still be about this wonderful subject.

The reason why I will be posting on other subjects is because I am now semi-retired, do supply teaching and have a bit more time to investigate other things. I am no longer working at a particular school (Rooks Heath, I do miss you though http://www.rooksheath.harrow.sch.uk) but flitting about schools in St Albans. So far I have had brilliant visits to Marlborough science academy (http://www.themarlboroughscienceacademy.co.uk), Samuel Ryder academy (http://www.samuelryderacademy.co.uk) and Verulam School (http://www.verulamschool.co.uk)

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