Covid-19 and me

If I am honest the infamous virus has had very little effect on me. I don’t have any relatives who are likely to be affected (my beloved mum passed away last year). I don’t have any underlying health conditions and my life has been basically what it has always been.

The only minor inconveniences have been no gym and having to dye my own hair. I am incredibly lucky.

I am very proud of the fact that a lot of my ex-students have been working on the frontline. Not just the doctors and nurses but also shop workers, delivery people, police, pharmacists, dentists, teachers, teaching assistants and lots of other jobs and careers.

There has been one distinct advantage and that is the growth in on-line talks/lectures and you will see my notes from these in future posts. I have been able to see more of these than I would normally and I would like to thank all the academics who were prepared to go down this route and I hope they will let me know if I have made any mistakes. The beauty of video lectures is that I could stop and go back if I didn’t get the item the first time but that doesn’t stop me still getting it wrong.

I should add that there was another advantage, no opera, although I have had to put up with my husband streaming opera from the New York Met.

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