Teeth and titanium


Dr Craig Kennett for IOP London and South East Branch

Teeth, titanium, lasers and scanning technology: how the application of Physics has helped to shape modern day Dentistry. In this talk, Dr Kennett gave an overview of how he uses different technologies in the treatment and reconstruction of people’s dentition to improve Dental health, function and aesthetics. He showed examples from his own cases to demonstrate what is possible.

Dr Craig Kennett BSc, BDS, PhD, FDS RCPS Glasg.

He is a specialist in periodontics. He qualified from King’s College London in 1990 in Dentistry, and gained his PhD in 1995. He was awarded fellowship with the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow in 1999 and has been a specialist in Periodontics since 1999. He has worked in a variety of areas in Dentistry:

In Hospital Dentistry at King’s College, as a Lecturer in Periodontology at St Barts & the Royal London Hospital, in Community Dental Health, and in General and Specialist Practice in South East London and Medway.

He currently works as both a Specialist and General Practitioner at the Hospital Lane Dental Clinic in Bluebell Hill Kent.




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